(05.01.10) Hired at Digital Domain for Thor!

(04.01.10) Working as a character modeler on the remake of Red Dawn

(04.14.10) 3d Artist magazine has a 4 page article on the making of Cthulhu this month.

(02.1.10) Excited to return to CIS to do some modeling on 'The Last Airbender

(01.15.10) Happy New Year! This is the first update for 2010 that's been added to my personal gallery.

(12.15.09) Here's the model that I made for the Zbrush user event, held on December 5th. I was happy to receive a CG Choice Award for the finished render.

(11.10.09) Ive been asked to present at the Zbrush User event in Vancouver on the 5th of December. As well as myself, Pierre Bourgeot and Jeff Feligno will also be presenting and Offload studios and Rabbitholes will be displaying their stuff. You need to reserve your spot on the 20th of November if you want to attend.

(11.07.09) Here's the link to the trailer of the film I've been working on for the last 9 months at CIS Vancouver.

(11.07.09) Welcome to my new website. Feel free to look around. More updates coming soon!